LogiLex PrivacyWarden

Data protection regulation compliance tool

What to expect?

Easy monitoring data privacy compliance

Monitoring either Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation compliance

Easy on-boarding

Legacy systems are analyzed in minutes by AI engine.

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No private data storage

DataGuard monitors your databases, but does not store any personally identifiable data itself

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Automatic answering

Allows customers to query status of their own data, without encumbering your staff

Customer profile:

Organization with large customer base

Your large customer base means that you have reputation to protect. Assure your customers that their data is always protected, and you always know what happens to it.

Heterogeneous database systems

You may have multiple legacy databases holding customer data. Each can be easily on-boarded and monitored by our solution

Security-minded staff

You care about security, and make sure that the monitoring system will not expose anything. You want regular reports on compliance, and recommendations on how to improve security.

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